Hi There,

It’s officially the Holiday Season! 2022 was interesting and there's so much to look forward to in 2023.

So far plans include four performance dates at The Lilypad, a return to the Newport Jazz Festival for interviews and photos and, in September, to the Pittsburg Jazz Festival also for interviews and photos.

The opening photo is my holiday present to you. Last month I found a disc with photos from Newport 2008. What a great memory to open and see a group of Aretha Franklin photos!

December in "The Jazz Room"

When we get to the holidays I like to remember those musicians

who have passed away and left a mark in music. Two such artists are bassist, Bob Cranshaw – long time player for Sonny Rollins and Lee Genisis a soul/jazz singer.

Bob Cranshaw Lee Genesis

Then, meet my friend and wonderful pianist, Linda Presgrave. She has visited the Jazz Room a few times.

Christmas week we take a break. Our MsJazzKitty (aka Miribel), chose the holiday music for you.

You may listen on The Jazz Room page of my website and “Are We Here Yet Podcast for archived shows.

The Lilypad in 2023

Here's a link to our latest video from our Sept 17th performance at "The Lilypad" titled "A Kiss in the Morning"

We have set our return dates to The Lilypad in 2023 March 25, June 10,

August 19 and October 21. Online ticket sales will be available starting in January 2023.

Best wishes to you for a Happy Holiday Season and Happy New Year!!! Joan

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