It’s October 2020 and we are still working to cope with the Covic-19 and the consequences of live performance limitations for the foreseeable future. I continue to be creative during this time. I have been writing songs and this month started Zooming to collaborate again with pianist Frank Wilkins , so that when this is over we’ll have another CD ready for release.

Also I’ve been honing my photography skills. The past 6 weeks I have been working with photographer, Adriana Mateo who has been giving me lessons.

Here’s a bit of my homework! It’s been inspiring working with her. Check out her work at


“Choices” has been doing well considering that the 3 month campaign ended in July.

Many thanks to the DJ’s around the country still giving us airplay. Trudy Leong at WZRD in Chicago and Janiene Santana at WKUV in Denver, Colorado. Covid has delayed many DJ’s from going back into the studio until recently. So some are now just getting around to us.

Thanks to Kate Smith Promotions for your work keeping us out there in the listening world.

If you’d like a copy of “Choices” as a CD please email me your address at and I’ll send you a copy. Price is $15.00 which includes postage. It’s also available on Apple Tunes, Amazon Music, and Spotify digitally at the those links. You may also just go to my website if you wish to purchase one or two tunes.

Studio 952 n NYC.

Reggie Workman Shirley Crabbe at Studio 952 Jimmy Owens

October we feature Jazz Artists based in New York City. They were recorded at Studio 952 in Manhattan. There in the family kitchen we sit and talk over coffee or tea and some “biscuits . This month we highlight interviews with bassist, Reggie Workman, vocalist ,Shirley Crabbe and trumpeter, Jimmy Owens. Listen at /thejazzroom


By the way, the roses in the photo are in my garden and still have blossoms in spite of the cooler early October weather. They have been blooming throughout September and seem to have withheld the first 40 degree night cold snap. I view this as a sign that nature is telling us that things will get better and we can withstand the challenges we face at this time.



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