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B.B. King Newport Jazz Festival 2012

Hi There,

OH Nooo!! June will NOT go quite as we planned. Our pianist, Frank Wilkins injured his shoulder a couple of weeks ago. We decided we’d postpone our June 10th gig at The Lilypad. Since we are booked there for Aug 19th and Oct 21st, we felt we could pick another date to replace June 10th.

Frank is doing well and feels he could return on Aug 19th. I’ll keep you posted.

"The Jazz Room " presents Moments in Jazz History

Since 2006 "The Jazz Room" has covered the Newport Jazz Festival. It’s been a thrill to hear so many of the great artists through the years.

I’ve been going through my archive of photos through the years and realized how fortunate to have heard and, in some cases, interview so many wonderful jazz folk !!

I put together a video of a few of my all time favorite photos / artists and added a little music. Here’s a link to Moments in Jazz History

June and July in “The Jazz Room

In June and July we’ll feature our NJF interviews with Anat Cohen, Eddie Palmieri, Michael Feinstein. For more NJF news go to

Also we’ll feature Baritone Sax player, Claire Daly. In June we’ll talk with her at Studio 952 in NYC about her CD “The Mary Joyce Project” and in July, Claire returns to the Kitchen Table to tell us about her newest CD VuVu For Frances” which will be released at the end of July. Archived interviews at M the Media Project and current shows on

Kitchen Table Chat with Claire Daly at Studio 952NYC

An Actual Vacation!

This eNews is labeled June and July as for the first time in 5 years we’re going to the UK for a Watson-Jones Family Reunion and to celebrate my husband’s birthday with the family. If we stay in one place long enough I’ll post some photos on the Blog page of my website. You may also check out Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Have a great first part of summer!! See you in August!!

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