A bit of news for this month! I was contacted to play solo piano for a very small wedding reception. Yay!! A paid gig!!. I’m feeling grateful! The first gig in 2021 is on Sunday May 23rd!

The photos this month I took both in New York City and NH. The contrast of country and city is interesting. First of all just being further south the trees and spring has arrived in NYC and we’re still on hold in NH. The trees are just beginning to bud. Although there are a few daffodils in our front yard the flowers and trees in general are just waking up.

May in “The Jazz Room”- Notable Jazz Women

This month we feature drummer, Terri Lynn Carrington and vocalists, Catherine Russell and Rene Marie. These interviews were at Jazz at Lincoln Center in NYC just before quarantine. You may listen at joanwatsonjones.com/the-jazz-room.

CD’s for Sale The Old Fashioned Way.

May 2021 marks the one year anniversary of the release of our CD “Choices”. We have yet to have a proper CD release party. I hope that sometime this year we’ll reunite as a band and have that party and hopefully some gigs


If you haven’t purchased a CD you may write me directly at joan@joanwatsonjones.com and I’ll send you my address and a a link to pay via PayPal (if you use PayPal). Otherwise, you can do things the old fashioned way and send me a check via snail mail. You may purchase downloads and listen at joanwatsonjones.com/music. The price for a hard copy CD is $15.00 which includes shipping. By the way, I do have three previous CD’s that you can preview on the website on the same music webpage.

"Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man of Mine"

We are ever hopeful to be able to reunite the band. Here’s a link to a clip from our show ”Lena and Me” A Tribute to Lena Horne. "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man of Mine" performed at the Chelmsford Center for the Arts, Chelmsford MA.

That’s all for now! Happy Spring!

All the Best to You,


PS - Have a cookie!

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