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Hi There!

Finally the great weather has arrived! This note will cover both July and August. New things are happening!

We are traveling to the Newport Jazz Festival at the end of July. I hope for some great pictures!

In August we’ll be in New York City to shoot a music video. Photographer/ Videographer Adriana Mateo will be the producer. More info will follow later in the month. We’re looking forward to doing this!

Live Performances

Our performance schedule still includes September 18th live stream one hour show hosted by the Chelmsford Center for the Arts. It will be the CD Release Show we planned to do in May of 2020.

On September 24th we’ll do a performance on the outdoor stage at the NH Building at the Big E Exposition in Springfield MA. Once the times are confirmed for both I’ll send out a special notice.

The Big E 2018

Newport Jazz Festival Interviews

In honor of the Newport Jazz Festival returning to live performances “The Jazz Room” will feature interviews from previous festivals. In July we’ll feature interviews with

Pianist, Jon Batiste & Stay Human, Vibraphonist Gary Burton(R), Pianist, Monty Alexander( below)

In August our features are

Jazz Legend Vocalist, Shelia Jordan and Trombonist, Wycliff Gordon. All these

shows will be available on my website joanwatsonjones.com/the-jazz-room and "Are We Here Yet?" Podcast. older episodes are on dqrm.com/thejazzroom


“Talking with Martin” Video

On June 19th the Chelmsford Center for the Arts presented this video. "Talking With Martin".

This is one of my original compositions featured on our CD "Choices". It will premiere on our YouTube Channel on July 1.

Have a Happy, Healthy, Safe Summer!

All the Best to You,


Links for You

Some of us always look frazzled when under stress.

Swans gracefully glide above water while paddling

as fast as they can never showing the level of stress

it takes to get from point A to point B.

Many of us are swans.

Are you a Swan?

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