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We’re now coming into June 2020 and the Corona-19 Virus still has a hold on us. We may be out and about with masks etc., but it will be here for a while whether we like it or not.

How are you holding up now? I hope this letter finds you in good health!

Our view in the backyard helps keep the spirits up. It's finally in bloom!

Making a Scene

“Choices’ the CD has received more interesting reviews. Here’s a quote from Jim Haynes from Making a Scene Magazine and a link to the full review.

“Watson-Jones favors a straight-ahead classy approach that accents the lyrics… Watson-Jones is paying homage to family and friends, finding joy in music and celebrating a life full of hope, music, and meaningful person relationships.”

Jim Haynes-Making a Scene

The Jazz Room in June

With the cancellation of the Newport Jazz Festival 2020, I will be featuring interviews from past years at Newport. In June we’ll celebrate talking with photographer Adriana Mateo, drummer, Jack DeJohnette and pianist Eddie Palmeri..

I don’t know when the shows will go up for streaming on cyberstationusa.com so these shows, for now, can be heard at joanwatsonjones.com/the-jazz/room.

Do you have your copy of “Choices” yet ?

Thanks to many of you for purchasing a copy of “Choices”. It’s like having a gig to sell a CD during this covid time.

If you would like a copy please email me your address and I’ll send you a copy. You can send me a check for $15.00 which includes shipping or if you have PayPal, use paypal.me/joanwatsonjones.

Today I saw one or our fans at the supermarket and he greeted me dancing. Made me smile!

Email joan@joanwatsonjones.com

Sad News

A week ago so many of us were saddened to hear that flutist, Lance Martin passed away. He was a great part of the Boston music scene and, yes, a great person. Here’s a link to one of the tributes to him. Boston University

"Blue Skies Smiling at Me!"

Just for fun, if you missed the video “Blue Skies” here’s the YouTube link

Until next time Stay Healthy and Safe,

All the Best to You,


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