There are signs of life all around us since May. The flowers in my little garden are still working on being fully in bloom. We are looking forward to visiting the Newport Jazz Festival in August. In September we will return to the Chelmsford Center for the Arts to do a full band live stream show. Also, we return to the Big E in Springfield , MA to do an outdoor , one hour concert. YAY!!

In May I spent the month working on my photography with teacher Adriana Mateo. She is an awesome teacher and photographer! Here’s a link to her website.

Next month we’ll feature an interview with her in ”The Jazz Room” that we did a couple of years ago.

So the photos you see of my garden and the candle were my homework. It’s been fun learning how to shoot in the dark!

"The Jazz Room" Features Newport Jazz Festival Interviews

The Newport Jazz Festival is returning for live audience shows Jul 30- Aug 1. We will feature interviews with artists we met at prior festivals. This month we feature, The Royal Bopsters with Shelia Jordan; Saxophonist, Tia Fuller and Pianist, Jason Moran featuring his CD Tribute to Fats Waller and the mask he used for performances of the music from his CD

“All Rise: a Joyful Elegy for Fats Waller”.

Christian McBride

In July and August we’ll continue with past Newport Jazz Festival interviews.

Another Video !

Here’s a link to another video of us performing at the Chelmsford Center for the Arts. This song is Duke Ellington’s “Sophisticated Lady”.

I hope you have a great summer! May we continue further healing from Covid around the world and hope to see you all soon!!

All the Best to You,


"Choices" the CD is available for download at