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Updated: Jan 31

Winter in the Northeast


It’s February and we are still doing our best to keep Covid-19 “Far away from us”! I hope you are well and staying positive about the future.

Podcast “Syndication”

This time last year we did a show at the Smash Music Store in Derry, NH. The owner Scott Graves has since sold the store and now has started ambitious venture setting up a website that features podcasts on many topics. He asked me to join the group and add “The Jazz Room” for the interviews of Jazz Artists and their music. “The Jazz Room” is now a show within a larger show titled ”Are We Here Yet? It will feature a new episode every other week. It aired for the first time on January 29th. The shows will run one month behind the shows on my website and on

When I started with in 2005 it was a revolutionary thing to broadcast “radio” only on the internet. Now it’s the main way radio and television stays alive. Here’s a link to the site so you can see how it works. “Are We Here Yet” is the title of the podcast.

I’m still getting my head around this arrangement but basically if this were terrestrial radio, “The Jazz Room” is now in syndication.

YouTube and a Little Help?

Until further notice me and my music will remain on line only on my YouTube Channel . I’ll be posting new videos this month so stay tuned.

By the way if you want to listen to the CD "Choices" or "Quiet Conversations - A Duet" for free on YouTube go ahead. I just ask that you let the opening ad run. That’s the only way I can make money these days. I get paid every time the video is played with an ad. It’s at least something. It will be a while before we see income again from live music performance.

Joan Watson-Jones Channel You Tube

February in "The Jazz Room"

I so miss in person live interviews. This month we feature Grammy winning artist, Martha Gonzalez and Singer Allan Harris. We met at an APAP Conference in NYC.

Martha will tell us why she calls herself an Artivisa and Allan talks about his CD “Nobody Loves You Better”

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