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Time passes and we’re still being careful. The corona virus has forged for us a new lifestyle whether we like it or not.

What new skills have you developed since we went into quarantine? Have you developed new tech skills or learned to cook new dishes? What is the most positive thing you would say has come out of this time in history? Please write me a note, it would be great to hear how you are doing and how you have moved forward?

“The Jazz Room” on Zoom

Last week I conducted the first “The Jazz Room” interview on Zoom. Guitarist Tomas Janzon agreed to let me post the interview on YouTube.

Zoom Interview with Tomas Janzon

The interview is in its audio form on my website joanwatsonjones.com/the-jazz-room along with the rest of the July programs. The features will be interviews from Newport Jazz Festival 2019. Saxophonist, Tia Fuller, The Royal Bopsters with guest Vocalist Shelia Jordan and Vocalist, Lauren Talese. We will miss going to Newport this year.

( A sad note : Holli Ross, Alto for the Royal Bopsters passed away earlier this year)

Choices” Review in Jazz Life Japan July 2020

Early last week Holly Cooper sent me this photo of a review of “Choices” in Jazz Life Japan Magazine July 2020 issue. She tried many translating apps and this was the best she could surmise.

“ Choices “ Review Jazz Life Japan Magazine

"Choices" captures the nice vocal quality of Joan Watson-Jones, her newest album. Since her debut CD in 1996, this is her fourth album. Mostly original compositions, there are two standards, "Topsy 2," a Cozy Cole hit (performed with Count Basie) for which she penned lyrics for this album, and the Shirley Horne regular, "Feels Like Home," which she performs with a dramatic flourish. Other than these two standards, the rest are new, original compositions, with a good spirit of song and light. Songs range from mid-tempo to swing. Check out the title track, "Choices" (track 2) and the medium-tempo "I Ain't Just A Pretty Face" (track 6). Feels and sounds like an old, familiar, standards album. < Hiroshi Ogawa >

The CD is available in hard copy form. If you would like a hard copy please email me your address and I’ll send you one.

Hang Tough We are Strong! "Talking With Martin"

So much is going on in this world. I have to at least say something about Black Lives Matter . It is the most

important change we have had in this country since the 1960’s. There a many stories in my family about that time and I admit in a way it’s deja’vu all over again. Even so, I’m happy to see it finally happen.

Please take a listen to my original song. “Talking with Martin”. I wrote it in 2018 and I’m still wondering what took us so long.

That’s it for now. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Stay healthy and safe!!


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