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Meeting Ahamad Jamal at the Newport Jazz Festival

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Jazz Festival Photos Through the Years 

October 2023 in " The Jazz Room"

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In this two part interview we talk with vocalist, Rene Marie. She shares her life stories that inspired the songs she wrote on her CD 

"Sound of Red" Learn more at

Rene Marie Interview Part 1
00:00 / 29:19
Rene Marie Interview P 2
00:00 / 29:24

We chat with Poet and Spoken Word Artist Jessica Care Moore at the APAP Conference.  After discovering that we had actually lived one block from each other in NYC at one time, Jessica talked about her poetry and her first CD adding music to tell her stories about people she's met in her time in Harlem and in Detroit. Listen to Parts 1 and 2.  Learn more about Jessica at Poet Hunter

Jessica_Joan copy.jpg
Jessica Care Moore Show 1
00:00 / 30:33
Jessica Care Moore Show Part 2
00:00 / 29:41
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