Meeting Ahamad Jamal at the Newport Jazz Festival

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For many years we have covered the Newport Jazz Festival. View our Photo Gallery of Jazz Artists from the Festival through the years.

Each show we feature an interview with an independent artist, or a Jazz Legend. Sometimes there may be a Jam Session where the music is performed live in the studio.

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Newport Jazz Festival Photos Through the Years

Interview with Jon Batiste and Band
Interview with Jon Batiste and Band

Interview Jon Batiste just as they were ready to be the house band on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

sun ra eNews
sun ra eNews

Sun Ra Newport 2019

Tall Joan by Steve Klamkin
Tall Joan by Steve Klamkin

In the photography pit at Newport 2019 Photo Steve Klamkin

Interview with Jon Batiste and Band
Interview with Jon Batiste and Band

Interview Jon Batiste just as they were ready to be the house band on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


July and August 2021   "The Jazz Room"  Highlights from Newport Jazz Festival

July 2021

Interviewing Jon Batiste and Stay Human at Newport Jazz Festival

Jon Batiste and Stay Human 

Week 26

Meet Multi-Instrumentalist Jon Batiste and two members of his band Staying Human. We had a chance for a brief sit down and chat after their set at the Newport Jazz Festival. They talked about how they met and how they are looking forward to working with Stephen Colbert on the Late Show. Learn more about Jon Batiste and Staying Human at

Interview Jon Batiste & Stay Human
00:00 / 29:44

Week 27 & 28

We talk with Vibraphonist Gary Burton. We were able to catch up with him at the 60th Newport Jazz Festival. In this, the first in our two part interview, Gary tells up about when he started playing the vibes and about his Autobiography that was published in 2013. 

In part two of our interview Gary tells us about his work with George Shearing and Stan Getz. He also talks about the” inner player” that is within us all. Learn more about Gary Burton at

Interview Gary Burton P. 1
00:00 / 29:46
Interview Gary Burton P.2
00:00 / 29:45
vibraphonist Gary Burton

Vibraphonist - Gary Burton

Interviewing Pianist, Monty Alexander

Talking  with Monty Alexander

Week 29

We were able to talk with Pianist, Monty Alexander after his set at the Newport Jazz Festival. He talks about his musical  journey, being lifted by many of the jazz greats along the way. Learn more about Monty Alexander at

Interview Monty Alexander
00:00 / 29:29

Week 30-31-32
We met Shelia at Newport when we interviewed The Royal Bopsters. Unable to schedule an interview that day we made a special date after the festival. 


It was a wonderful trip to the Catskills to visit Jazz Singing Legend, Shelia Jordan. She invited us to her home in Upstate New York to interview her. She graciously gave us lunch and then we talked for over 40 minutes.

What a wonderful treat!

She signed a CD copy of her first recording  "A Portrait of Shelia"

These three 1/2 hour programs are the result  of that interview. Enjoy!!

Having lunch with Jazz  Legend Shelia Jordan

Lunch with Shelia Jordan

Part 1 Interview Shelia Jordan
00:00 / 29:17
Part 2 Interview Shelia Jordan
00:00 / 29:35
Part 3 Interview Shelia Jordan
00:00 / 29:45
Interviewing Trombonist Wycliffe Gordon at Newport Jazz Festival

We have and interesting conversation with Trombonist Wycliffe Gordon. We were able to meet with him after his set at the Newport Jazz Festival. In Part 1 of our interview he talks about his love for the Traditional Jazz  and about his book “Sing it First”
In Part 2 of our interview with Trombonist Wycliffe Gordon he talks about the Soprano Trombone and his approach to teaching the current generation of tech savvy young musicians.  Lean more about Wycliffe Gordon at

Meeting Wycliff Gordon

Wycliff Gordon Interview P. 1
00:00 / 29:22
Wycliff Gordon Interview P.2
00:00 / 29:36