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Broadcast on, "The Jazz Room" is a half hour Internet Radio program.
For many years we have covered the Newport Jazz Festival. View our Photo Gallery of Jazz Artists from the Festival through the years.
Each show we feature an interview with an independent artist, or a Jazz Legend. Sometimes there may be a Jam Session where the music is performed live in the studio.

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Newport Jazz Festival Photos Through the Years
January 2021
"The Jazz Room"

Week 1 & 2

We have a spirited conversation with Latin Jazz Legend Eddie Palmieri. In Part One, of this feature he tells about his early beginnings and about his brother

Charlie Palmieri getting him started in music. He also tells us who were his major influences in Jazz.

In Part 2 of this feature Eddie tells us about the many musicians he has collaborated with through the years to make his music not just Latin and not just Jazz but his own brand and style.  He also shares stories about his performances across the globe.

Learn more about Eddie Palmieri at


Eddie Palmieri
Eddie Palmieri Interview Part 1 2020
Eddie Palmieri Interview Part 2 2020

Weeks 3 & 4

Meet Singer/Pianist, Michael Feinstein .

In this, Part One, of this feature we talk about his upcoming performance that evening and about the musicians who are with him.  He tells us about the Great American Songbook and his efforts to preserve the music that has shaped American music for over a century.  


In Part 2. We continue our conversation with Michael Feinstein at the Newport Jazz Festival. He tells of the lengths he went to salvage musical artifacts and find a home for them in the Great American Songbook Archive and Museum in Carmel, Indiana. He also talks about the Michael Feinstein Foundation.  Its mission is to fund this Archive and Museum and bring greater attention to our Made in America Music. Learn more about this organizati  on at

Michael Feinstein
Michael Feinstein Part 1 2020
Michael Feinstein Part 2 2020

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